The Dragon Fury ($TDF) is the next 1000X BSC moonshot. MMORPG Play to Earn game with different play modes, One to One Multiplayer, Story mode, futuristic graphics and in game NFTs. $TDF Reflections which will keep increasing your holdings. The game itself is a treat for MMORPG Lovers.

The Dragon Fury hidden Dragon Chests and Easter Eggs will reward the players with surprises. While rewards token ultimately dump the chart, we at The Dragon Fury, have taken a different approach. Native token Reflections will add to the value and at the same time keep the chart healthy.

In game collectable items and NFTs can be used to increase your Character’s Power / Rank and can also be traded with BUSD at the NFT Marketplace. This is a beautiful combination of rewards and utility which will eventually translate into a better and stable price action. The contract is developed keeping in mind any future requirements. With top notch development and massive marketing campaign we will make it big.

Dragonomics are made keeping in mind all the important aspects. A long-term project should be self-sustaining. With the dedicated marketing and development budget this project will achieve all the milestones as per given timeline. Buyback and burn will decrease the supply and help stabilize the price. Auto Add to Liquidity will ensure steady supply of Liquidity.


Total Supply
5 %
Marketing & Development Wallet
20 %
PTE Pool Locked 1 Month

Rewards & Taxes

4 %
2 %
Marketing Tax
2 %
Development Tax
2 %
Auto Add to Liquidity
2 %
Buyback & Burn
12 %
Total Taxes

TDF Core Team


Chief Developer


Head Finance


Marketing Lead


Community Leader

Why Invest?

The Dragon Fury ($TDF) will take you for a ride of a lifetime, it offers passive income in the form of rewards through multiple ways. Reflections from the moment you buy $TDF Token. There is no minimum amount required to receive reflections. In game hidden Dragon Chests and Easter Eggs will provide players a chance to win up to 10,000 BUSD.

NFT Marketplace to buy your favorite NFTs to be used in game and also tradable with BUSD at the Marketplace. Unlike other tokens The Dragon Fury is based on a utility which is proven for multiple moonshots. The Dragon Fury Play to Earn system will implement first ever concept of Treasure Chest. Every player will have their own Treasure Chest where their rewards will be accumulated. These rewards will be claimable once every 24 hours from the dashboard provided at the website.

This unique concept will help with the delay issues of the blockchain. Game operations will remain smooth and no more delays due to blockchain integrations. Initially the game will be supported on BSC, eventually after successful launch we will work on cross platform support. The Dragon Fury ($TDF) contract is verified and audited.

Antibot measures are in place to handle a smooth launch. Buyback and burn will help with the price stability. Strategic marketing campaign will ensure steady growth. The Team is KYC verified. When you combine such a recipe of rewards and utility the moon is imminent. Let’s take a look at some prominent features of $TDF

Prominent Features:

  • Play to Earn Game
  • NFT Marketplace
  • $TDF Reflections
  • Team KYC Verified
  • Verified Contract
  • Audited Contract
  • Buyback & Burn
  • Auto Add to Liquidity
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Whale
  • Anti-Dump
  • Liquidity Locked for 1 Year
WhitePaper Audit

Road Map

  1. 1. Contract Deployment
    2. Website Launch
    3. Socials Updated
    4. Team KYC Verification
    5. Contract Audit
    6. Whitepaper V1

  1. 1. Presale Whitelist Contest
    2. Coin Listing Sites
    3. Social Media Campaigns
    4. Private Sale
    5. Shilling / Giveaways
    6. Airdrops
    7. Presale (Pinksale)

  1. 1. Launch at Pancakeswap
    2. Coin Gecko Listing
    3. Coin Market Cap Listing
    4. Marketing / Influencers
    5. NFT Marketplace Launch
    6. The Dragon Fury Launch (PTE Game)
    7. CEX Listing

  1. 1. Cross Platform Support
    2. Brand Partnerships
    3. Giveaways
    4. More CEX Listings
    5. Whitepaper V2 Release

NFT Marketplace

Coming Soon ...

How To Buy


Download Metamask for (Google Chrome) PC, or Trust Wallet for Android / IOS Mobile


Send BNB to your Metamask / Trust Wallet address using Binance Smart Chain.


Visit Pancakeswap & connect your Metamask / Trust Wallet. Add The Dragon Fury ($TDF) using our official contract address. Add 9 in Decimals.


Buy The Dragon Fury ($TDF) at Pancakeswap with BNB using 13% or more slippage.

Contract Address



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